About us

The Arbii label brand has become synonymous with fun, beauty, creativity, and style. Each one of our designs is carefully thought out and hand crafted with special attention to every detail. The pictures, the layout, every stitch and fold, are all the result of labor of love and commitment.
        From my personal hobby to create and beautify, sprung a dormant yet endless well of design, practicality and a hint of luxury that has taken on a life of its own. While demand for Arbii has pushed me to become a business woman, both sales minded and savvy, a photographer, layout designer and much more. I continue to be inspired and dedicated to my core goal; to provide the highest quality, most yummy delicious and beautiful products for all of u, and ur magical children to enjoy.

        As The arbii label story continues to evolve, my once fun and spontaneous hobby, has blown up (in a good way). The Instagram thing has become the catalyst for my newfound love for photography  (90% of the pictures I use are taken by me with my New Cannon Rebel), and has introduced me to 30,000 new friends.

        My main focus has always been to create and produce accessories that make you smile, gush and fall in love with your baby all over again.

        The idea of adding more of the business side completely overwhelmed me, but the time has come to take another business step forward. Believe me when I tell u this will not take away from the fun and joy I bring to the design, rather it will add another way for all of u to enjoy the full gamut of what we have to offer.

       Have fun and keep me posted on what u think.